In Memory of Vicki Pierce

Vickie.smallVicki Pierce of the Board of Friends of Guéoul has unexpectedly passed away after a brief illness on January 29, 2016. We have lost a wonderful friend and a devoted colleague and leader on our shared mission.

Vicki Pierce had been a Peace Corps Volunteer. She fell in love with Friends of Guéoul’s goals. In late 2015, she brought her extensive experience in non profits and in management to her new leadership role of the Board of Directors. She and the Board made major plans for the expansion of the education project for poor Muslim girls in Guéoul, Sénégal.

A long time resident of the Denver area, Vicki was a caring, compassionate person who gave back to the community by devoting her life’s work to helping others. She touched many lives and all that knew her, loved her. She was an avid outdoor enthusiast and enjoyed biking and sailing. Vicki was also an avid biker, sailor and outdoor person. She loved hiking and working out. Vicki also had traveled much of the world. She also recently started quilting with friends living in her building.

She is preceded in death by her husband, Craig , who passed in 2015. She is survived by her sisters, Amanda Butler Newitt (Tim), Melinda Butler and Natalie Butler Maupin (Craig) and nieces and nephews; Bradley, Rebecca, Laura, Samantha and Angie.

The family has requested that donations be made to Friends of Guéoul in her memory. Next year’s entering first grade class in Guéoul will have their first year named in her honor. Donate at